Snub-Nose Platform

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Our proprietary snub nose monopole platform provides you with additional azimuth coverage by flattening the traditional platform corners. Configure your platform by choosing round or square-tube face, face width, number and length of mast pipes and ring-mount options. The material is hot dipped galvanized steel. Related products: T1503 series ring-mounts, T1511 series handrail kit, T1521 series work support. If you need a configuration you don't see listed here, please call and let us build one for you.


SKU: Face Length Mast Pipes Handrail / Ring Mount Price Quantity Status
T1516KTA 10' 6" Face No Mast Pipes No Handrail, No Ring Mount $4,659.61 Built Upon Order
T1516KT-996-MH 10' 6" Face 9 ea - 96" With Handrail and 10"-40" Ring Mount $8,348.08 Built Upon Order