V-Style Sector Frames

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Designed in accordance with TIA-222-G-4 and to the most current and stringent industry and carrier requirements, our V-Style sector frames will help you optimize your equipment loads for your immediate and future site demands. Look for our AT&T Certified Heavy 5, Heavy 10 and Heavy WLL frames verified with CEQ numbers. Also available are our frames that are designed to meet and exceed Verizon classifications M1400R-4[6] and M1150R(i)-4]6]. All component kits include hardware for the full compliment of mast pipes and are packaged securely and efficiently. Each of our T167x Series frames ship with an attached dog tag embossed with the date, HDF part number, AT&T mount class and/or any customized site or project number you require. If you need a configuration you don't see listed here, contact us any time and we will get it built and shipped for you. ALL of your orders will ship ASAP, often the same day.